Playa Pelada – Nosara’s Most Beautiful Beach Is Where The Magic Happens

Dramatic Coral Reefs, Swimming And Sunset Cocktails Are Just A Few Of The Reasons That Playa Pelada Should Rank High On Your Travel List

We know that Playa Guiones is one of Nosara’s most popular destinations, but omitting to visit the area’s “other” beach will leave you missing out on more than just stunning surroundings.

Tucked into the center of the Nosara beaches, Playa Pelada sits between the untouched sands of Playa Nosara to the north, and the world-famous surf scene of Playa Guiones to the south.

A favorite with locals, the white sand, crescent-shaped beach, features dramatic exposed reefs, an abundance of trees and greenery for shade, and wide swimming areas that are sheltered between each of its three bays.

The local beach scene where all the magic happens, Playa Pelada offers you a taste of Nosara’s special brand of Pura Vida!


Playa Pelada, only a 12 minute walk from Villas NIMBU.


During the day, Playa Pelada is the quieter beach when compared to hustle of Playa Guiones. Attracting less of a surf crowd, Pelada plays the role of the area’s primary swimming beach. It’s where locals and visitors alike, set up picnic spots, sunbathe and take leisurely dips in its warm waters.

The early mornings play host to joggers and the yogis who start their day with a sunrise practice. Locals also take their morning swims here, before heading to La Luna — one of Nosara’s two beachfront restaurants, for a nutritious breakfast and ocean-side cappuccinos.


While La Luna opens at 7am, Nosara’s other beach side restaurant, Bar Olga’s, opens around lunchtime.
Bar Olga’s is a laid back, no-frills, Tico-style, beach shack — and a great place to grab a cold, local beer and sample some Costa Rican fare. Their fresh caught, whole fried fish and simple ceviches rank high on our must-try list.
Watch the sun sink in to the Pacific while sipping on cold beer or artisanal cocktails

At sunset, Playa Pelada evolves again, with everyone gathering on the beach, or claiming their spots at La Luna or Olga’s. The beach crowd brings their coolers, kids build sand castles, and the occasional rouge surfer glides through the setting sun.

The stumps in front of Olga’s fill with locals in shorts and flip-flops. A colorful mixture of Spanish and English rings through the air, amidst the clink of Imperial beer bottles and wine glasses.

The lower beach is flooded with music, which pours down from the hill where La Luna is perched. Guests spill onto the sand from the wide, palm-lined terraces that make up the restaurant’s outdoor dining area. Women in long flowing dresses lounge on white daybeds, or float down to the beach to take photos against the pastel colored sky. Mouth-watering cocktails and bottles of chilled Rosé dot tables between plates of colorful Mediterranean dishes and paper-thin Costa-Rican-style pizza. Life and laughter fills the evening air.

Playa Pelada is the place where you can experience the magic of the Nosara community coming to life

Villas NIMBU is conveniently located in the wider, Playa Pelada neighborhood.  The villas are only a 12-minute walk from the north end of the beach. 

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