Top Health & Wellness Activities That Will Make Your Visit to Nosara, Costa Rica Complete

From blue zone dining, to mastering your yoga pose, to discovering plant-based medicines, you are sure to find all that your soul is seeking in Nosara

While Nosara is widely known as a surfing destination, in recent years it has also become highly regarded as a health & wellness mecca. Now, travelers from across the globe are flocking to this expat village on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula to seek out the cures for all that ails their minds, bodies & souls.

The following is our roundup of some of our favorite health & wellness activities that visitors can partake in while in Nosara:


Eat your way to better health — Blue Zone style!

Blue Zones are regions of the world where a higher than usual number of people live much longer than average. In fact, Blue Zones boast the highest number of living centenarians, or people who live to be over 100-years of age. They also have some of the lowest cancer rates reported globally.

There are presently only 5 documented Blue Zones in the world, which include: Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Icaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California; and last but certainly not least, The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.  These places have some commonalities in that their residents continue to be active, and live with purpose, well into their later years. They also share eating balanced, locally sourced diets that are rich in a variety of vegetables and healthy grains.

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Nosara, is positioned in western coastal side of the Costa Rica’s very own Blue Zone, the Nicoya Peninsula. While the area offers a variety of excellent dining options, it remains true to the clean food tradition of its local people. This means, visitors can expect local touches and healthy options at nearly any restaurant that they visit in the area. Further to this, there are a wide variety of world-class vegetarian and vegan dining options to explore in the area, helping visitors leave with happy hearts and trimmer waistlines.

Some of the many Blue-Zone-friendly, local dining options include: Organico Cafe & Bakery (Don’t miss their Grocery store, located just across the highway, either!) Rosi’s Soda Tica, LuvBurger and Naked Foods.

Stretch your way through all of your stress and find your perfect yoga pose

Nosara has been a global yoga destination for many years. It is unique, in that it brings together traditional and modern yoga practices, with Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” approach to life. Many visitors say that when they arrive here, they can feel Nosara’s “special energy.”

No matter your level of expertise, or the type of practice that you’re seeking, you’re sure to find it within close proximity while visiting Villas NIMBU.

Some of our most loved yoga studios in Nosara include:

NALU Studio is one of the most beautiful and unique yoga studios in the area. It offers a wide array of yoga options, as well as other unconventional fitness classes. Yogis can find anything from Deep Yin to Restorative & Nidra and even Primal Flow Yoga.

If you’re only going to try one class during your visit to Nosara, we recommend NALU’s Candle Lit Yin Yoga session, which happens in the early evenings. It is a truly special and deeply intimate experience.

The Bodhi Tree Resort features 6 yoga shalas offering over 50 different types of classes, special workshops and retreats. We are especially partial to their Bodhi Heart & Core, which we recommend for visiting surfers. Or if you’re goal is to relax and unwind there’s nothing like the Bodhi Sound Bath to carry your cares away.

Further amenities include a fun Spin class and awesome cafe where you can grab a great breakfast before you hit the mat.

The Largarta Lodge is home to the closest yoga studio to Villas NIMBU. Visiting Yogis can walk there, via a jungle path, in approximately 10-minutes.  The resort offers some of the area’s most interesting classes, like their exciting Ariel Yoga.

Not only will you be able to practice your poses in some beautiful spaces, you’ll also experience some breathtaking views of the Bocas del Nosara.

After your class we suggest heading up to the terrace at Restaurante Chirriboca for a delicious lunch with a Costa Rican flair.

Nosara is home to dozens of soul-lifting yoga, meditation & fitness options

The truth is that you won’t find any shortage of classes to attend, or private instructors willing to come to Villas NIMBU to give you a lesson. Check out this handy map to help find your way around all the local options.

Explore local remedies and plant-based medicines

In recent years, plant-based medicines and shamanic remedies have grown in popularity around the world. Being a community of openness, Nosara has become a hub for healers from across the globe to come and share their traditional practices. A result of this is that visitors to the area will find that they have access to a variety of holistic and spiritual wellness activities to explore.

If you’re new to plant-based medicines a great place to stop in and learn more is the Scared Plants FarmacyNosara’s very own local apothecary. Scared Plants offers a wide array of “medicines from the jungle.” There, you find supplements, tinctures and teas, plus some fantastic healthy skin & hair products. We suggest heading in to speak with their herbalist, who is both friendly and knowledgeable.

Transformative, sacred & traditional medicines

Many people come to Nosara with a specific issue, for which they are seeking treatment. There are a variety of local retreats that specialize in helping visitors overcome various ailments and traumas.

But before embarking on this type of journey, we suggest doing your research and consulting with your family doctor at home, prior to booking a medicinal session.

If you’d like to speak to some local experts, Kambo Casita has a professional staff who will be able to answer the bulk of your questions. They offer a variety of sessions and ceremonies that help visitors discover sacred plant medicines the likes of Kambo, Rapé & Sananga, Ayahuasca, Bufo, and Iboga.

No matter what you’re soul is seeking, you’re sure to find it closeby in Nosara
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